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Soft Trolley  Tpublack

Soft Trolley Tpublack 37522 79.90 €

Soft Trolley  Tpured

Soft Trolley Tpured 37532 79.90 €

Sport Beauty Case

Sport Beauty Case blackown 34288 13.90 €

Sport Beauty Case

Sport Beauty Case blueown 34327 13.90 €

Sport Beauty Case

Sport Beauty Case pacific 34332 13.90 €

Sport Beauty Case

Sport Beauty Case blackage 34344 13.90 €

Sport Beauty Case

Sport Beauty Case memphis 34370 13.90 €

Cosmetic Case  COBALT

Cosmetic Case COBALT cobalt 54327 12.50 €

Cosmetic Case  BLACK

Cosmetic Case BLACK black 55461 12.50 €

Cosmetic Case  RED

Cosmetic Case RED red 55546 12.50 €

Cosmetic Case  KAKHI

Cosmetic Case KAKHI kakhi 55621 12.50 €

Cosmetic Case  PINK

Cosmetic Case PINK pink 55706 12.50 €

Cosmetic Case  ULTRAVIOLET

Cosmetic Case ULTRAVIOLET ultraviolet 56390 12.50 €

Cosmetic Case  BLUENIM

Cosmetic Case BLUENIM bluenim 56475 12.50 €

Swift toilet bag  CAVALIER

Swift toilet bag CAVALIER cavalier 43383 23.90 €

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Prodg Travel collections are ideal for your getaways. Suitcases, backpacks, and accessories designed for lovers of the urban sport. Current designs and innovative materials that have an excellent quality, ideal to face extreme conditions.

Dare with our suitcases made of different materials and hardness, that adapt to your needs. The soft trolley suitcases feature TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) material, highly resistant to low temperatures, abrasion, oxygen, and ozone. Suitcase of urban design that adapts perfectly to nature. Available in red and black. For its part, the Trolley Soft SB suitcase is the ideal urban suitcase for skateboard lovers. It has two straps at the bottom that make it adaptable for skateboarding. You can go skating while you carry your luggage tight!

But, without a doubt, the PRODG Scooter suitcase is the feeling of the season that begins. Rigid suitcase with a folding scooter adapted to it. If you want to go faster through the corridors of the terminal, this is your suitcase. In addition, the scooter suitcase has the type of pocket scooter suitcase, with a pocket on the front so you have easy access to the objects you require. With the scooter suitcase, you will not miss the plane or the train!

In addition, you will find in the Travel section the travel bags of PRODG. Available in two formats of different sizes, you will also find the best designs in them. Available for the Block, Urban and Proof collections.

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