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Scooter Suitcase PRO·DG BLACK Scooter

Scooter Suitcase blackage 37502 169.90 €

Pocket Scooter Suitcase PRO·DG BLACK Scooter Pocket

Pocket Scooter Suitcase blackage 37503 179.90 €

Soft Trolley

Soft Trolley 37522 79.90 €

Soft Trolley PRO·DG RED Soft Trolley  Tpured

Soft Trolley 37532 79.90 €

Trolley travel backpack PRO·DG MILITARY GREEN Trolley travel backpack  KAKHI

Trolley travel backpack kakhi 55683 69.90 €

Trolley travel backpack PRO·DG PINK Trolley travel backpack  PINK

Trolley travel backpack pink 55768 69.90 €

Trolley travel backpack PRO·DG LILAC Trolley travel backpack  ULTRAVIOLET

Trolley travel backpack ultraviolet 56451 69.90 €

Trolley travel backpack PRO·DG BLUE Trolley travel backpack  BLUENIM

Trolley travel backpack bluenim 56536 69.90 €

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Whether for your weekend getaways or for several weeks trips, PRODG suitcases and trolleys will accompany you wherever you go. Resistant materials and in various formats to keep your luggage safe. Your toiletry and travel accessories will be safe. Take a look at all our formats and choose the one that suits you the most:

Soft Trolley TPU

The Soft Trolley TPU is the cabin suitcase par excellence of PRODG. Available in red or black, this suitcase can accompany you on the plane of any company you fly with. It is one of the most resistant materials on the market, with a high resistance to abrasion, wear, and extreme temperature conditions. The zippers are heat-sealed so it is a 100% waterproof suitcase and has 2 easy-running wheels.

Travel Trolley

The Travel Trolley format is available throughout the Block collection. It has 3 compartments, one of them padded, for a simple and fast distribution of luggage. It has multiple interior pockets, zippers, side buckles for a better grip and a 60cm handle with a unique position.

If you are a sports lover, we have made for you the suitcases that will fulfill all your expectations: Trolley Soft SB, Scooter, and Scooter pocket. Undoubtedly, the ideal suitcases for lovers of the urban sport.

Soft Trolley SB

The Soft SB Trolley is intended for lovers of Skateboarding. It has 2 strips on the front to carry the skate. But there is not the thing, has 2 strips on the bottom of the suitcase to carry the suitcase on top of the skate and at the same time, you can go skating. It has an internal separator to separate luggage with comfort. Suitcase valid to take in the cabin.

Rigid and Scooter suitcases

If there is one sport that is having a growing reception, it is the Scooter. Therefore, we have made these 2 suitcase formats that will delight lovers of this urban sport. Rigid suitcases with a built-in scooter to get you to your destination on time. The Pocket Scooter Suitcase has a front pocket so you can enter objects and documents so you can access them comfortably without having to open the suitcase.

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