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Swift Horizontal Shouder bag PRO·DG GRAY Swift Horizontal Shouder bag  CAVALIER

Swift Horizontal Shouder bag cavalier 43598 38.90 €

Adult Backpack

Adult Backpack vital 43529 38.90 €

Pockets Backpack PRO·DG GRAY Pockets Backpack  CAVALIER

Pockets Backpack cavalier 43581 59.90 €

Fast shoulder bag PRO·DG BLACK Fast shoulder bag  VITAL

Fast shoulder bag vital 43543 37.90 €

Vertical Faster Messenger PRO·DG BLACK V. Faster Messenger  VITAL

Vertical Faster Messenger vital 49552 27.00 €

Swift Vertical Shoulder bag PRO·DG GRAY Swift Vertical Shoulder bag  CAVALIER

Swift Vertical Shoulder bag cavalier 42447 34.00 €

Swift toilet bag

Swift toilet bag cavalier 43383 23.90 €

Sport wallet PRO·DG BLACK Sport wallet  VITAL

Sport wallet vital 43536 15.90 €

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Backpacks, messenger bags, wallets and bags from one of the most resistant collections of PRODG. It is one of the first collections for which we bet on PRODG, with two well differentiated lines. On the one hand, there are the backpacks, toiletry bags and shoulder bags from the Cavalier collection, and on the other hand there is the Vital collection, which has a black wallet model. If there is something that characterizes this collection, it is that they are products made of material with an exceptional quality and a very careful design.

The Cavalier collection stands out as the only PRODG collection entirely made with leatherette. Gray color and robust format, it is the perfect collection for all those who look for resistant and durable products. In the PROOF collection, you will find a backpack format, two different bandolier formats and a toilet bag format designed for today's man.

For its part, the Vital collection, combines elements made with leatherette together with fabric. Collection for men with a touch more versatile than the Cavalier. Design based on the color black, with detailed details in red to give a more accomplished and dynamic design. The Vital collection, on the other hand, has a backpack format, two shoulder strap formats such as the Cavalier collection, and a wallet format.

Collection of backpacks, shoulder bags, wallets and toiletry bags for men, with internal and external reinforcement that provide greater comfort and safety when carrying objects. In addition, very careful designs for these male products, care to the smallest detail. The accessories for men, most desired in the market.

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