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Block Backpack PRO·DG GRAY Block Backpack  Grey

Block Backpack grey 33751 26.90 €

Block Backpack PRO·DG DARK BLUE Block Backpack

Block Backpack navy 33769 26.90 €

Block Backpack PRO·DG BLACK Block Backpack  BLACK

Block Backpack black 55492 26.90 €

Block Backpack PRO·DG RED Block Backpack  RED

Block Backpack red 55577 26.90 €

Block Backpack PRO·DG MILITARY GREEN Block Backpack  KAKHI

Block Backpack kakhi 55652 26.90 €

Block Backpack PRO·DG PINK Block Backpack  PINK

Block Backpack pink 55737 26.90 €

Running Backpack 44Cm

Running Backpack 44Cm navy 33771 39.90 €

Running Backpack 44Cm PRO·DG BLACK Running Backpack 44Cm  BLACK

Running Backpack 44Cm black 55485 39.90 €

Running Backpack 44Cm PRO·DG RED Running Backpack 44Cm  RED

Running Backpack 44Cm red 55560 39.90 €

Running Backpack 44Cm PRO·DG MILITARY GREEN Running Backpack 44Cm  KAKHI

Running Backpack 44Cm kakhi 55645 39.90 €

Running Backpack 44Cm PRO·DG PINK Running Backpack 44Cm  PINK

Running Backpack 44Cm pink 55720 39.90 €

Running Backpack 44Cm

Running Backpack 44Cm grey 33753 39.90 €

Trolley travel backpack PRO·DG GRAY Trolley travel backpack  Grey

Trolley travel backpack grey 33752 72.90 €

Trolley travel backpack PRO·DG DARK BLUE Trolley travel backpack

Trolley travel backpack navy 33770 72.90 €

Trolley travel backpack PRO·DG MILITARY GREEN Trolley travel backpack  KAKHI

Trolley travel backpack kakhi 55683 72.90 €

Trolley travel backpack PRO·DG PINK Trolley travel backpack  PINK

Trolley travel backpack pink 55768 72.90 €

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Classic Block Collection by PRODG, with backpacks and accessories with basic colors. Backpacks, gymsacks, cases, etc. in black, pink, red, purple, blue ... In addition, you will find pencil cases, holders and travel kits in your favorite colors.

In this collection, you will find the Freetime Backpack, the Running Backpack, and the Trolley Travel Backpack. Different formats and measures that adapt to each daily situation. The Freetime Backpack and the Running Backpack are ideal for day to day, with compartments that facilitate their school use. For its part, the Trolley Travel Backpack is not only valid for the school environment but is ideal for weekend getaways or to carry a light luggage.

The gymsack of the Block collection of PRODG, is the ideal complement for excursions. Its lightness and its great capacity, has made it one of the best selling products on the market. You will find it in all available colors: gray, black, pink, red ...

Discover our wide range of cases and holders PRODG Block. Adapted also to the school environment, it has extra resistant material to avoid breaks and punctures derived from school material. The cases are also available in the Freestyle collections.

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