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Subway  Backpack PRODG MILITARY GREEN Subway  Backpack

Subway Backpack black 36259 69.00 €

Subway  Backpack PRODG GRAY Subway  Backpack

Subway Backpack grey 36260 69.00 €

Subway  Backpack PRODG BLACK Subway  Backpack

Subway Backpack black 36261 69.00 €

Bag Dasher PRODG GRAY Bag Dasher

Bag Dasher grey 39424 35.90 €

Block Bag

Block Bag grey 39425 13.90 €

Bag Dasher PRODG DARK BLUE Bag Dasher

Bag Dasher navy 39426 35.90 €

Bag Dasher PRODG BLUE Bag Dasher

Bag Dasher cobalt 39428 35.90 €

Block Bag

Block Bag cobalt 39429 13.90 €

Bag Dasher PRODG YELLOW Bag Dasher

Bag Dasher 39433 35.90 €

Bag Dasher PRODG TURQUOISE Bag Dasher

Bag Dasher 39437 35.90 €

Trolley Travel GTX PRODG VARIOUS COLORS Trolley Travel GTX

Trolley Travel GTX 39519 79.90 €

Trolley Travel GTX PRODG MULTICOLORED Trolley Travel GTX

Trolley Travel GTX 39521 79.90 €

Trolley Travel GTX PRODG MULTICOLORED Trolley Travel GTX

Trolley Travel GTX 39525 79.90 €

Trolley Travel GTS PRODG MULTICOLORED Trolley Travel GTS

Trolley Travel GTS 39526 69.90 €

Trolley Travel GTX PRODG MULTICOLORED Trolley Travel GTX

Trolley Travel GTX 39527 79.90 €

Bag Dasher PRODG PINK Bag Dasher

Bag Dasher pink 39611 35.90 €

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Buy Backpacks online from PRODG brand, We have backpacks for women, backpacks for men, children's backpack developed and implemented with the best qualities and the most current designs for lovers of urban sports, such as skateboarding, BMX or Inline. First quality materials applied in current formats, where resistance prevails according to aesthetics. Discover the Lifestyle of PRODG, present in this product through the most current prints of the season.

Freetime School backpacks

The Freetime school backpack is the classic model of the PRODG brand. Format with a large compartment, with zipper closure, an interior separator for laptop and tablet, and interior pockets for a better distribution of the load. In addition, it has a small outer pocket for faster access to small objects. This comes with padded back for greater comfort when carrying it, and a strip that makes it adaptable to the car. Available in almost all designed by PRODG.

Running Backpacks

The most versatile Running Backpack has a more school format. It is developed by PRODG for a more scholarly audience. It has 3 main compartments with zipper closure. It also has a padded back and a handle that makes it adaptable to a car. As a novelty, the Freestyle collections will have their design in this format.

Backpacks to travel

The Trolley Travel Backpacks by PRODG has a wide versatility. This school backpacks with wheels can be for school use or as a traveling companion. This versatility is favored by an extensible handle to carry rolling, and a rear handles to carry the shoulders. It has 3 main compartments, one of them being padded.

Rush backpacks

Rush Backpack is also a versatile product, both for day to day and for your getaways. This comes with an urban and novel format, with a large main compartment with a separator for laptop and tablet. It has a smaller outer pocket with metal closure for added security. Compartment in the upper area for glasses, with zipper.

Freetime fashion backpack colors

The PRODG Backpack brand comes with classic colors from the hand of the Block collection. Available in your favorite colors like black, red, blue, khaki green, gray, pink, violet ... and many more. You decide the color that accompanies you in your day to day or in your trips.

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